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Happy new year! memory lane style... - makethemost
Happy new year! memory lane style...
So my parents want to move. I DONT WANT TO MOVE! I finally am loving Silver Spring. Javi lives so close to me, and I'm loving CP and how close i am to all my family.
The realtor is coming over on Sunday, which means MAJOR cleaning. I just threw away so much stuff I've been keeping from my school years, mostly JDS (obvs). And I found stuff from like 9th grade when I was an emo fuck. It's really sad. Like, how CONSUMED I really must have been back then (honestly, the whole experience in 9th grade is no joke, one huge black out--hardly remember ANYTHING except the plays I was in). And then I just saw a girl who I was in a play with a few years ago's away message. She's approximately in 10th grade. And her aways are always so goddamned depressing! The one today is "things will never be the same again and it's all to your blame." well something like that. and really, chicka-ITS NOT ALL THAT BAD. You won't even remember all this, and NOTHING is really that important back then and you'll notice it all later.

On the other side-I drunkenly messaged Dave from Israel. We've kept in contact, he always says how much he misses me, and when I was in a facebook relationship with a boy, he got upset. Haha, he's adorably and I miss him. I told him I hoped he didn't have to be a part of the war, and he told me he did. And that's just made me so upset thinking about it. Like, I am praying for Israel, obviously. But, I just would feel better knowing that he and everyone else I know are fully safe. Of course, I don't think any Israeli should have to suffer due to the asshole terrorists, but it just sucks when your heart is in a danger zone. I really care about all my friends and family from Israel, or like Gabe who's there visiting, and Yoni, and others. It's just not cool.
All I can really do is support Israel in anyway I can. So far, it's just been praying and checking up on those I know there. And I found the lanyard I got in Israel, that says I <3 Israel, and I have been using that for all my UMD stuff and keys everyday.

Standing strong for Israel,

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